Richard Swanson: Sculpture 1994-2000

The diverse nature of my sculptural output during this period was due in part to my penchant for exploring new materials. I utilized the natural tendencies of materials such as burdock (wants to clump) and straw (wants to scatter) but also persuaded them to do the unexpected--insubstantial materials totter skyward, solid metal pieces rock or sway with the slightest touch or breeze. Other materials are coaxed to balance, top-like, or soar in an arching sequence of repetitive forms reminiscent of time-lapse images.

These sculptures were always installed in groups. Use of an installation format allowed me to extend the rhythmic interactions, engaging an entire space with forms rising from the floor, springing from the walls and suspended from the ceiling. I wanted the viewer to feel a sense of enchantment upon entering a truly novel environment.

The rhythms set up by these interactions of form and space are of perpetual interest to me and constitute a major part of my aesthetic.

Altered StatesAltered States ArgentinaArgentina ArgonautArgonaut
Balance & BountyBalance & Bounty BovevaBoveva CrossoverCrossover
DervishDervish DryfallDryfall ErvevaErveva
Grain Bins ProjectGrain
Invented MemoriesInvented
Material ForcesMaterial
PelicanPelican Pelican IIPelican II Prarie KelpPrarie
RadioRadio RebirburRebirbur
ScintillionScintillion SkashooshSkashoosh SonarSonar
SpilikinSpilikin StanzaStanza Staying BalancedStaying
SyringaSyringa V'vesaV'vesa ZipherZipher

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